Capacitive switch

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Capacitive switch


The Senso PAD is a touch-sensitive button that allows the triggering, through a material, of playback files thanks to an input contact.

As an example the touch-sensitive button Senso PAD can trigger any Waves System player.

The Senso PAD is a proximity touch sensor that is not requiring a direct contact. Stuck onto an insulating surface, the presence of a finger is detected through the material (wood, glass or any insulating materials).

The reach of detection relies on the size of the electrode (that allows a detection up to 2 cm) and on the kind of support.

The SensoPad is an invisible touch-sensitive button onto wood and makes a glass surface become interactive.


SensoPad replace all common solutions (button, encoder, tactile sensor, etc…) and ensure a perfect integration with setup installation (desk, stand, glass, etc…).

  • Trigger sounds, videos or events through any insulating surface. Replace push buttons.
  • Invisible and theft-proof user interface in interactive terminals.
  • Man-machine interface in industrial applications.


Detection technology

  • Touch sensor type: capacitive switch
  • Compatible contact surfaces (dielectric material types): plastic, glass, stone, ceramic, composites, most kinds of wood, painted surfaces (low particle density metallic paints possible)
  • Contact surface thickness: up to 12 mm glass or up to 6 mm plastic (depend of the additional sticker-electrode size)
  • Full recalibration when detection more than ~60 seconds

Interfacing and Connectivity

  • Status LED
  • 180 cm (⌀ 3.5 mm) connection cable with 4 stripped ends:
    • Ground (black and blue)
    • Power (red)
    • Output (yellow)
  • Open collector output (NO) – 50 V / 100 mA
  • Fixing type: sticker
  • Optional self-adhesive electrode provided – Cutting at will in different sizes and shapes

Power Supply

  • Power supply input:
    • Nominal voltage: 12 V DC
    • Power supply range: from 5 V to 20 V DC

Current Consumption (12 V supplied)

  • Consumption out of presence detection: < 750 μA
  • Consumption in presence detection – unloaded: < 2 mA

Thermal Information

  • Operating ambient temperature: from -40 to +85 °C


  • Case:
    • Width: 24 mm
    • Height: 34 mm
    • Depth: 13 mm


  • 52 g (with its cable)


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