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Scheduling Software for Show & Media



For One Operator / One Target

Scheduling Software for Show & Media

Medialon Scheduler is a Windows based application to schedule any type of events programmed in Medialon Control Systems.

Medialon Scheduler is designed to schedule and supervise several exhibitions, shows or automation applications using Medialon Manager or Showmaster from one central location. It is ideal to operate all the exhibits of museums or science centers, all the venues and shows on cruise ships or in theme parks, or scheduling digital signage playback in large malls and corporate buildings.

Medialon Scheduler is a client/server application allowing any number of operators to schedule any number of events in any number of Medialon Control Systems over a network.

The central server runs as a Windows service while clients (user interface) and controlled applications (Medialon Manager PCs or Showmaster Embedded Controllers) are connected over TCP/IP.



Scheduler Application



The main window displays the calendar and the programmed schedules. Calendar offers month, week, day and even list views.

List of available Schedules. New schedules can be added or edited from this main window. Adding a schedule at a given date is done by intuitive drag and drop.

Calendar events can have specific properties, being executed once on a given date or repeated on specific weekdays within a range of dates. Comments can be added to each calendar entry.


Medialon Scheduler 2


A bank of Schedules…

Medialon Scheduler uses 24 hour schedules that are not related to specific dates.

Each schedule contains events to trigger Medialon Showmaster and Manager’s tasks (shows or automation tasks), cues (simple commands to devices) or to set the value of specific variables.

Events are based on absolute time in the schedule. Several events can be grouped as one and be executed in one batch.

A variable value can be checked before performing an action, allowing external values to override schedules.

All tasks and variable names to be triggered are automatically retrieved over the network via Open Cap (the MedialonOnNetwork secured protocol) and thus displayed by their name to make building your schedules easier.

The creation of events in schedules is very intuitive.


Programmed on a calendar

Once schedules are ready, they can be assigned  to be executed on specific dates in the Calendar. The same schedule can be used on several days without having to be re-written for each day.

If a schedule is edited after being assigned to a day on the calendar, the updates take effect immediately to all instances of the schedule, including schedules that are already in progress.



Administration tools allow the selection of Medialon Manager and Showmaster Servers that will be accessible by the scheduler.

Access rights levels are available for administrator, editor and viewer operators.

The path where the files are saved can be set to another computer if a redundant configuration is to be used.



Part Number


Medialon Scheduler Solo – for one operator / one target (Manager, Showmaster ST,Showmaster LE, Showmaster XS, Showmaster Pro, Showmaster iPro)



Medialon Scheduler Multi – for 4 operators / 4 targets (Manager, Showmaster ST,Showmaster LE, Showmaster XS, Showmaster Pro, Showmaster iPro)



Medialon Scheduler Multi – for unlimited operators & targets (Manager, Showmaster ST,Showmaster LE, Showmaster XS, Showmaster Pro, Showmaster iPro)


Control Protocol Supported

Remote GUI

Medialon Scheduler protocol over TCP/IP

Manager Control

OpenCap over TCP/IP


Programming Capabilities

Qty. of Schedules: Unlimited

Qty. of Events: Unlimited

Event Groups: Unlimited

Accuracy Internal: 1/10th of a second

User Editable:  1 Second

External Clock: Medialon Scheduler can be synchronized to an external clock provided by an SNTP server. Default mode is the PC’s internal clock.

Day Range: A Scheduler day spans 24 hours (not necessarily from 00:00 to 23:59. It can be set from 03:00 to 02:59 for example).


Remote Access Capabilities

Calendar and Schedules can be programmed remotely from any PC on the local network.

Concurrent Access Multiple remote PCs can view/edit Calendar and Schedules concurrently thanks to the built-in Medialon Scheduler concurrent access control mechanism.


Administration Capabilities

Administration: Medialon Scheduler can be remotely administrated and configured from any PC on the local network.

User Levels: 3 password protected user levels: Administrator, Editor and Viewer levels which allow secured access to Medialon Scheduler.

Event Log: Schedule and System events are logged in local log files and dispatched to any connected remote PC.  Remote PCs can also browse log files.


User Interface

Easy Access: Medialon Scheduler’s user interface is clearly separated into several tabs.

Calendar: Medialon Scheduler provides a Calendar view familiar to any calendar software. This allows non-technical personnel to easily understand the product.

Schedule: Medialon Scheduler can open an unlimited number of tabs. Programming a schedule can be done using the mouse only (no keyboard required).


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