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IDAL ChronoPlayer

Programmable interactive audio player

  • The ChronoPlayer is a powerful and easy to install audio unit aiming at playing messages, sounds, music according to a schedule.Its performances linked to its dry contact logic, its ability to be remotely controlled via RS-232 or via its timestamped programming software make the ChronoPlayer a versatile audio tool for a wide spectrum of use.The audio files (MP3, WAV) are stored on an SD/SDHC card or a USB flash drive, within folders. The naming of the folders, with digits and optional tags, defines the playback behavior of the ChronoPlayer.Contexts of use:– Schools: customized sounds for beginning and end of lessons, welcoming, informative or security messages, musics
    – Public spaces: information for customers and service users.
    – Factories: break announcements, information along production lines
    – Retails: store advertisements, information and commercials, vendor callProgramming:

    The programming function (scheduler) allows the playback of identified audio files with accuracy all along a day and according to a calendar defined up to several years.


    8 dry-contact inputs, up to 255 combinations, are available to trigger the playback of audio files on demand.

    Playback mode:

    Once, in a loop, randomly or sequentially, it is also possible to control whether incoming commands are blocked or executed.

    Serial Link:

    The ChronoPlayer can send custom data frames onto its serial link in order to control other devices. It is also possible to control the player from a PLC, another player, a computer, with its RS-232 serial link.

    Can be racked :

    Its 1/3 rack format allows an installation within a 19” support integrated in a storage bay.

  • Interfacing and Connectivity– LED status indicator
    – Backlit LCD display – 2×16 characters
    – Clickable knob (Volume/-Menu-)
    – Infrared sensor – Protocol SONY SIRC 12 bits modulated at 38 kHz
    – USB Host 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mb/s), standard “mass storage” driver, type A connector
    – SD/SDHC Card slot
    – RS-232 serial link – 9600, 19200, or 38400 bauds 8N1 on 3.81mm pluggable terminal block
    – 8 configurable opto-isolated inputs on 3.81mm pluggable terminal block
    – A line-level 0dB stereo audio output on a standard RCA connector
    – External DC power supply connector – Ø 2.1 mm / 5.5 mm
  • Audio File Formats Supported– MP3 (.mp3): mono/stereo (MPEG layer 3), 16 bits, 44.1 kHz, from 32 kbit/s to 320 kbit/s, CBR (Constant Bit Rate) or VBR (Variable Bit Rate) files
    – WAV (.wav): mono/stereo, 16 bits, 44.1 kHz (Broadcast Wave Format not supported*)
  • Other File Formats Supported– Timestamped programming file (scheduler.tm2) – Scheduler TM2 (.tm2) format
    – Configuration file (config.txt) – raw text format (.txt)
    – Serial codes file (serial.txt) – raw text format (.txt)
  • Storage Devices– Accepts SD cards – 64 MB minimum to 4 GB maximum – Formatted in FAT16 and FAT32
    – Accepts SDHC cards – 4 GB minimum – Formatted in FAT32
    – Accepts USB flash drives formatted in FAT16 and FAT32
    – Supports long filenames limited to 63 characters maximum including extension
    – Accepts 1000 folders maximum at the root, containing up to 999 files each
  • Built-in Clock– Maximum clock drift:
    – From 0 to +50 °C: 3.8 ppm – 120 seconds per year
    – From +50 to +60 °C: 5.0 ppm – 156 seconds per year
    – Aging: ±3 ppm/year
    – Timekeeping when the player is not powered: up to 2 months
  • Power Supply
    – Player power supply input:
    – Nominal voltage: 12 V DC
    – Power supply range: 10 V to 15 V DC
    – Supplied mains adapter input:
    – Voltage: 100 V to 240 V.
    – Frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz.
  • Consumption (12 V supplied)– During playback: 80 mA
    – When stopped: 70 mA
  • Temperatures– Operating ambient temperature: from 0 to +60 °C
    – Storage temperature: from -20 to +60 °C
  • Size– Width: 143 mm – (1/3 of a rack)
    – Height: 44 mm
    – Depth (with terminal block connectors): 100 mm
  • Weight– 200 g (with the pluggable terminal blocks)

Ref : SON0392





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