AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 7100

AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 7100 8GB, 4 x Display Port 1.4

​Performance Redefined

Based on AMD’s new Polaris architecture, the Radeon Pro WX 7100 delivers up to 5.73 TFLOPS of compute performance, making it the world’s most powerful, single-slot workstation graphics card1. Equipped with 8GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory, the Radeon™ Pro WX 7100 easily handles large and complex models and datasets, providing the necessary performance needed for today’s demanding workloads.

Features for a Truly Immersive Experience

Users can harness the power of the Radeon™ Pro WX 7100 graphics and drive 4K displays at 60Hz, for an ultra-high resolution design experience. If 4K displays aren’t immersive enough, then jump into the new world of VR design – leveraging AMD’s LiquidVR™ Technology – and enjoy liquid-smooth visual performance and ultra-high frame rates. Experience realistic virtual designs and interaction like never before.



AMD Radeon™ Pro WX 7100 8GB, 4 x Display Port 1.4


Radeon Pro WX 7100
​GPU Architecture ​GCN 4th Generation
​Stream Processors ​2304
​Peak Performance ​5.7 TFLOPS
​Peak Triangles ​4.97 BT/s
​Peak Engine Clock ​1243 MHz
​Typical Engine Clock ​1188 MHz
​Memory Type ​8 GB GDDR5
​Memory Interface ​256 bit
​Memory Data Rate/ Bandwidth ​7 Gbps / 224 GB/s
​Typical Board Power ​130 W
​AMD FreeSync™ Technology ​Yes
​AMD CrossFire™ Pro Technology ​Yes
​Display Output Connectors ​DP-DP-DP-DP
​DisplayPort Version ​1.4 – HDR Ready6
​5K Support @ 60Hz ​1x single-cable 5K monitor, or 2x dual-cable 5K monitors
​Display Color Depth ​10-bit Support
​Stereo 3D Output (3-pin DIN) ​Yes
(Bracket Required)
​Framelock/Genlock support ​Yes
​API Support ​DirectX ®12
OpenGL® 4.5
OpenCL™ 2.0
Vulkan™ 1.0
​Operating System Support ​Windows® 7 64-bit
Windows® 10 64-bit
Linux® 64-bit
​Form Factor ​Full-Height Single Slot
9.5” Length



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