PIXILAB Blocks combines display management, control system and mobile guide


PIXILAB Blocks® is new software for producing and managing rich experiences for museums, exhibitions, visitor centers and corporate presentations. A laptop is used to produce content, create interactive presentations, program the room experience and build mobile guides. Everything connects using a standard network managed by the Blocks server running on a Mac, Windows or Linux computer. The server then controls all displays, players, lighting, I/O-modules, beacons, mobile phones and other subsystems.






1 PIXILAB Blocks Server, 2 Network, 3 Displays with separate players, 4 Interactive touch kiosks, 5 Dataton WATCHOUT sub-system, 6. Projectors controlled through the network, 7 Relays, switches and sensors, 8 Smart displays with built-in players, 9 Wifi for management and/or public access, 10 Management panels, 11 Visitors’ phones/loaner devices for mobile guide applications