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Medialon Manager V6 is a Windows® based control software. Its legendary ease of programming and reliability has made it widely used in simple as well as critical control applications such as: Museum media control, Theme Parks and Attractions Show Control, Architectural video & Lighting control, Convention Centres audio & video remote control, etc.

Medialon Manager can control any audiovisual equipment using any protocol and network. Being software based it integrates perfectly with IT opening a wide range of new applications. Control of audio & video streaming, links to database, media management, and facility wide control are not dreams any more.

Thanks to its easy graphical programming environment, applications are programmed in much less time than with any other conventional control system, neither coding nor compilation is required.

Its native synchronization capabilities and its legendary Timeline with drag and drop programming makes it the ideal choice for Show Control applications. However, complex logical task programming is also available.

Medialon Manager is hardware independent and relies on standard hardware from IT or audiovisual industries to connect to devices. The customer has the choice between proprietary or standard hardware making maintenance and upgrade far easier.

Medialon Manager can run in hidden mode where only custom designed interfaces are visible or in user mode allowing live edition. The design of touch screen is greatly improved in Version 6. Manager convert on the fly the user designed touch pages to Web “”touch”” pages that can be used on iPad or Android tablets.

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Program and test at the same time, no compilation Web PanelWeb Panel

Touch screens for iPad, Android or Windows 8 Tablets

Show SyncShowSync

Synchronize with 100th sec. accuracy with our legendary timeline. OpenCap XML APIOpenCap XML API

Control and Share Data from Third Party Software and Apps


Medialon control systems can natively push data to Loncloud for Remote Monitoring

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Medialon Manager V6 is the ideal solution for control applications such as: Museum media control, Theme Parks and Attractions Show Control, Architectural video & Lighting control, Convention Centres audio & video remote control, etc.

Show Control Machine Pro Application



  •  Medialon IOBox over IP
  •  DMX over IP, Artnet
  •  Serial Over IP, Comtrol Device Master Series
  •  Serial Over IP, Sealevel SeaLINK Series
  •  IO over IP, Opto22 Snap IO Ethernet Series
  •  IO over IP, Advantech Adam 6000 Series
  •  IO / Serial / IR over IP, Global Cache GC Series


  •  Drag & Drop Programming
  •  Multitasking: Several tasks can run simultaneously in synchronization or separately
  • Driver writing tool: Built-in TCP/IP serial and MIDI driver
  • Real Time program testing
  • Recording (DMX, MIDI, Serial)
  • Alarm via Email
  • SQL Database
  • Log Files


  • Logical Programming Functions:Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Frames, Day, Day Of The Week As Name, Day Of The Week As Number, Month, Year, Lower Case, Upper Case, Length, Char At, Get Field Of Enum, Get Index Of Enum, Random, Sqrt, Round, Ceil, Floor, Abs, Max.
  • Logical Programming Operators:+, -, *, /, %, ^, =, ==, !=, >, <, >=, <=,|, &,#, ()
  • Variables Type: Integer, String, Time, Date, Enum. Unlimited number of variables


  • Unlimited number of TimeLine for Synchronisation
  • 1/100th Sec Sync Accuracy
  • Time Code: 24, 25, 30, 30DP, and 100 fps base time supported. User defined or automatic type selected
  • Device Positracking (Sync)


  • User Screen design tools: buttons, sliders, bar graphs, video return windows, LEDs, text fields, picture import
  • No WebPanels


  • Protocol supported: Ethernet (TCP/IP, UDP), Serial, MIDI, DMX, Time-Code, IOs, Infrared
  • OpenCap Protocol