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Dataton Watchout V6

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You’ll get it in no time. WATCHOUT is similar to many video editing and compositing programs. Drag stills, audio and video clips onto the timeline. Fly content across any number of displays. Apply effects and transitions.


Use any number of displays, edge-blended projectors or LED walls, arranged at any angle and in any shape or size. It’s all orchestrated by WATCHOUT so there’s no thinking about individual computers or juggling files. Ultimate creative freedom.


The new 3D Projector feature literally adds a whole new dimension. While WATCHOUT traditionally manages flat or curved image surfaces, 3D Projector enables pixel-accurate projection onto complex 3D geometry.


– Real-time effects and transitions – no rendering
– Map content onto mesh-based 3D geometry
– Position projectors and media assets in 3D space
– Powerful pre-visualization from multiple angles
– Industry standard 3D, video and image file formats
– Stereoscopic video and 3D positioning of content
– Multiple timelines for unpredictable live shows
– External inputs and triggers for full interactivity
– Live video, network streams, Powerpoint
– Dynamic feeds based on live data sources
– Social media integration (e.g. Twitter, Instagram)
  • New look user interface designed for typically low-light working environments
  • Live editing shows all changes you make as you make them. Designed to speed up creative process as all edits take effect immediately
  • Virtual displays. Useful for mapping pixels onto LED walls managed through external LED wall processor, for example
  • Virtual displays can be mapped onto 3D geometry
  • Drag in 3D models. Reads standard 3D file formats, such as 3DS, OBJ and Collada
  • Texture 3D mesh areas independently
  • Texture 3D mesh areas with any content supported by WATCHOUT, including multi-layer compositions
  • Create and manipulate 3D elements as part of a presentation
  • 3D Projector feature for projections onto complex 3D geometry
  • Marker-based calibration to align projection on 3D objects
  • Pre-visualization of the stage presentation environment
  • Custom blending masks with individual control of the blending curve
  • Multi-channel audio playback. Route channels and control individual volume in multi-channel audio files
  • Supports high-end uncompressed video formats such as V210 and Apple ProRes
  • Supports low-compression, high-performance codecs such as HAP, HAP Alpha and HAP Q
  • Play uncompressed image sequences at full resolution and framerate from fast SSD hard drive
  • Video playback framerate control
  • Supports dynamic images from HTML5-based content

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