Interactive Controls Christmas Holidays 2023 -2024

Just to let you know that our warehouse will be closed for the Holiday Season from Monday the 18th of Dec 2023 till Monday the 8th of January 2024 Web Orders during this time may be delayed will be processed on our return Thankyou for your Business, all the very best for the New YearContinue reading “Interactive Controls Christmas Holidays 2023 -2024”

The Advantages of Show Control

A show control system offers several distinct advantages over a standard AV (Audio-Visual) control system when it comes to managing and orchestrating complex multimedia presentations or live performances. Here are some key benefits of a show control system: Centralized Control: A show control system provides centralized control over multiple devices and components involved in aContinue reading “The Advantages of Show Control”

Medialon Manager V6.7.3

The latest version of Medialon Manager, V6.7.3, has been released. With this release we introduce some new MXMs, including: >> MxM Stream Deck: interfaces with the popular Elgato Stream Deck USB keypads.>> MxM OPC-UA: interfaces with PLCs and other industrial field UA devices using this industry standard protocol.>> MxM PosiStageNet: receives motion control data (position,Continue reading “Medialon Manager V6.7.3”

WAVES, ID-AL Media Player – Web Interface

Update your content easily You cannot access the player ? you need to update your contents easily and everywhere ? It’s even more simple today with our new software release. We’ve designed a new interface on our VP320, VP330 and EVP380 media players. From now, you access your player remotely directly from the administration console.Continue reading “WAVES, ID-AL Media Player – Web Interface”

New firmware update for Waves Systems range of Video Players

A new firmware update for the Waves Systems Video Players VP320, VP330 and EVP380 has just been released. 3 main features to make programming easier , increase your possibilities through your creativity and deliver amazing content. 1- Update subtitles on the fly Now, you easily manage subtitles thanks to editable files. A new subtitle canContinue reading “New firmware update for Waves Systems range of Video Players”


Get certified! Dataton Academy in Sydney The Dataton Academy is coming to town! Sign up for our two-day, industry-certified training session and get the most from your WATCHOUT investment.  The Academy session goes from WATCHOUT basics, to setup, to practical examples with hands-on programming and more advanced topics. The number of participants is strictly limited toContinue reading “DATATON WATCHOUT ACADEMY – SYDNEY – 30th and 31st of OCT 2019”