New firmware update for Waves Systems range of Video Players

A new firmware update for the Waves Systems Video Players VP320, VP330 and EVP380 has just been released.

3 main features to make programming easier , increase your possibilities through your creativity and deliver amazing content.

1- Update subtitles on the fly

Now, you easily manage subtitles thanks to editable files.

A new subtitle can be easily selected without stopping the running video.

2- Powerful API for remote control

Develop your web interfaces on any browser with our enriched API. Use the same API to control the players locally or remotely.

3 – Debug easily.

Debug your code quickly with the embedded web inspector. You can also run your code step by step to amend and display your web pages on the fly.


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Barco Release Overture Version 3 Feb-07-2017

Kortrijk, Belgium, 7 February 2017 – Barco, a global leader in networked and visualization solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Overture, its revolutionary software-based A/V Control solution. Because it’s an IP-based system, it’s much simpler and more economical to install, set up and manage Overture than conventional, hardware-based solutions. Any network-connected device with a browser can use Overture to control and monitor equipment − bringing) a new world of flexibility to A/V Control systems.        

Barco Release Overture V3

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