Dataton Release Watchout V6.1

Watchout Version 6.1 Has been officially released and is available for download from

Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.1

This version contains some new features, as well as optimizations and performance enhancements.

New features

Popup Menu

A right click contextual menu to improve user workflow, and in some places add new functionality. With it you can:

  • Move displays between different tiers.
  • Duplicate composition medias.
  • Reach different functionality more easily such as tweening of cues.

Stage List

A stage list in the stage window, showing a hierarchical list view of all displays on the Stage, and what stage tier they are on. It can be activated from the stage menu. With it you can:

  • Drag and drop displays easily between different tiers.
  • Go to selected display by using a command in the contextual menu.

Auto Save

Ability to automatically save your work in progress with a certain time interval. This feature can be turned on and off in the file menu or in the preferences dialog, where you can also set the time interval.

Auto Refresh

Ability to automatically refresh media files that have changed. This feature can be turned on and off in the media menu, or in the preferences dialog.


  • Virtual Displays now support separate Resolution and Stage Dimensions. Useful when dealing with LED wall modules of varying densities.
  • 3D object rendering is optimized on sub-mesh level. This makes rendering of large meshes, using multiple high-resolution videos or virtual displays, more efficient, allowing each projector to render only the sub-meshes that it can “see”.
  • Presplit videos can be assigned as 3d model texture, showing one video for each display/projector.
  • Virtual Displays performance in the production software is improved.
  • Geometry correction points can be adjusted using arrow keys.
  • Projector calibration can be switched using the Tab key.
  • A preview movie can now be attached to Video Proxy even in non-presplit case.
  • Improved license manager window, being able to scan licenses on remote display computers even when you are not currently online.
  • Displays connected to the same display computer can now have different resolutions.

Bug Fixes

  • Some dialogs could not be opened if you had a different language setting than english.

3D File Format Support

Support for the following 3D file formats has been added:

  • BLEND (Blender)
  • FBX (Autodesk Filmbox)

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